Press Room: June 24

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By Bernd Sebastian Kamps
& Christian Hoffmann

24 June

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Mini organs reveal how the coronavirus ravages the body | The virus can damage lung, liver and kidney tissue grown in the lab, which might explain some severe COVID-19 complications in people. – By Smriti Mallapaty

Coronavirus research updates: A striking share of infected people never show classic symptoms | Less than one-third of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 fell ill with respiratory symptoms or fever, according to a survey of thousands of people in Italy.



‘It’s a nightmare.’ How Brazilian scientists became ensnared in chloroquine politics | Now that several big trials have shown disappointing results, hope has faded that chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine might be miracle drugs against COVID-19. But for one group of researchers in Brazil, the story is far from over. – By Lindzi Wessel


The Guardian

Novak Djokovic tests positive for Covid-19 amid Adria Tour fiasco | The beleaguered world No 1, Novak Djokovic, has tested positive for coronavirus, along with his wife, Jelena, throwing tennis into turmoil as the sport’s official tour prepares to resume after a four-month lockdown. – By Sarah Boseley

The coronavirus backlash: how the pandemic is destroying women’s rights | Women are bearing the brunt of the economic fallout and taking on a greater share of domestic work and childcare – while visits to the Refuge website are up 950%. Is this the biggest ever leap backward for women? – By Gaby Hinsliff

Covid-19 vaccine may not work for at-risk older people, say scientists | A vaccine against Covid-19 may not work well in older people who are most at risk of becoming seriously ill and dying from the disease, say scientists, which may mean immunising others around them, such as children. – By Sarah Boseley

Fauci says US will increase Covid-19 testing despite Trump’s claims of slowing down | Top US infectious disease expert disputes Trump’s comments in congressional testimony and warns of ‘disturbing surge’ – By Amanda Holpuch

‘New York always comes back’: workers return as city enters phase two of reopening | Phase provides economic lifeline to many as New Yorkers can dine out, shops can open for browsing and salons can take clients – By Amanda Holpuch

Male survivors of Covid-19 asked to give plasma for treatment trials | Men who have fought off virus have higher levels of antibodies in their blood than women – By Sarah Boseley Health

Spike in Victoria coronavirus cases ‘certain’ to result in ‘significant community transmission’ | Premier Daniel Andrews has warned that Victorians can be “certain” there will be “some significant community transmission” of Covid-19 as a result of a spike in virus cases in the past week. – By Melissa Davey

Pakistan Covid-19 doctors witness black market deals in blood plasma | As coronavirus chaos has enveloped Pakistan, with hospitals overflowing, doctors dying and infections escalating at an unmanageable rate, a dangerous black market in blood plasma has emerged. – By Hannah Ellis-Petersen and Shah Meer Baloch

Facebook faces advertiser revolt over failure to address hate speech | The North Face, REI and other brands pause advertising on the platform in ‘Stop Hate for Profit’ campaign – By Kari Paul


The New York Times

Fauci, Citing ‘Disturbing Surge,’ Tells Congress the Virus Is Not Under Control | The testimony of the nation’s top infectious disease expert countered President Trump’s upbeat assessment, describing a “mixed bag” of some bright spots amid worrying trends and unknowns. – By Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Noah Weiland

E.U. May Bar American Travelers as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus | European Union officials are racing to agree on who can visit the bloc as of July 1 based on how countries of origin are faring with new coronavirus cases. Americans, so far, are excluded, according to draft lists seen by The New York Times. – By Matina Stevis-Gridneff

America Is Too Broken to Fight the Coronavirus | No other developed country is doing so badly. – By Michelle Goldberg


The Washington Post

Income emerges as a major predictor of coronavirus infections, along with race | Income is a potent force along with race in determining who among the nation’s vulnerable, older population has been infected with the novel coronavirus, according to a federal analysis that lays bare stark disparities in the pandemic’s toll. – By Amy Goldstein



Die Zeit

Christian Drosten warnt vor zweiter Infektionswelle | Angesichts regionaler Ausbrüche befürchtet Christian Drosten, dass sich das Virus erneut in der Bevölkerung ausbreitet. Es sei große Vorsicht geboten, so der Virologe.

Behörden ordnen Lockdown für Gütersloh und Warendorf an | Nach dem Coronavirus-Ausbruch beim Fleischverarbeiter Tönnies zieht die Landesregierung Konsequenzen. In zwei Kreisen wird das öffentliche Leben heruntergefahren.

Corona-Ausbruch in Berlin-Friedrichshain | In einem Wohnblock am Berliner Ostbahnhof haben sich Familien mit Sars-Cov-2 angesteckt. Das Bezirksamt hatte dort schon vergangene Woche auf das Virus testen lassen. – Von Hannes Heine



Die „Horror-Show“ endet mit der Corona-Infektion von Djokovic  | Nach dem Bekanntwerden von drei Corona-Fällen bei Spielern der Adria-Tour teilt nun auch der Mitorganisator Novak Djokovic mit, positiv getestet worden zu sein. Die Tennis-Turnierserie wurde nun vorzeitig beendet. – Von Pirmin Clossé



El País

El avance de la pandemia obliga a dar marcha atrás a países que volvían a abrirse | Corea del Sur e Irán están viviendo la segunda oleada mientras que Alemania y Portugal vuelven a imponer restricciones. El ritmo de contagios se acelera especialmente en el continente americano – De Elena Sevillano

El gran brote en una empresa cárnica en Alemania obliga a imponer restricciones a 640.000 personas | Al menos 1.553 trabajadores han dado positivo. Las autoridades ordenan el cierre de bares, museos y gimnasios en el distrito de Gütersloh y en el de Warendorf – De Ana Carbajosa

Irán y Arabia Saudí afrontan nuevos rebrotes de coronavirus tras relajar las restricciones | Aunque con medidas distintas, ambos países parecían haber contenido el contagio – De Ángeles Espinosa



Le Monde

Coronavirus : l’Allemagne va reconfiner deux cantons en raison d’un foyer de contamination dans un grand abattoir | Cette mesure, décrétée dans le Land très peuplé et industrialisé de Rhénanie du Nord-Westphalie, vise « à calmer la situation » et « accroître les tests ».

Novak Djokovic à son tour testé positif au Covid-19, à la suite de son controversé Adria Tour | Le numéro 1 mondial du tennis est sous le feu des critiques pour avoir organisé son exhibition à travers les Balkans sans respecter les mesures de sécurité. – Par Clément Martel

Coronavirus : au Brésil, la justice oblige le président Jair Bolsonaro à porter un masque en public | Depuis le début de la pandémie, le président d’extrême droite n’a cessé de minimiser le Covid-19, qualifié de « petite grippe ».

Touché par la crise liée au coronavirus, Fauchon demande à être placé en redressement judiciaire | Cette procédure concerne, pour l’instant, le siège social et les trois magasins parisiens situés place de la Madeleine.