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6th International Edition

13 January 2021 | Finally, after 10 weeks, we have published the next edition of COVID Reference – The COVID Textbook (515 pages; we apologize for the delay). We dedicate this edition to Anthony Fauci who never tired of defending science.



6th Edition – 515 pages


Daily Science

16 January 2021 | The Top 10 Book, Volume 1 (801 pages) and Volume 2 (501 pages).


Italian Edition

410 pages | Download


Spanish Edition

321 pages | Download


Print Edition: Amazon

Would you really want to buy a COVID Reference print edition? Maybe not, because by the time you receive it, we may already have published the next edition.

We therefore advise that you consider ordering a copy only for documentary reasons, i.e., to demonstrate in the future that you followed the history of the 2020 coronavirus epidemic from the very beginning.

The price has been fixed at zero royalty. All you pay for is print and shipping.

5th Edition

Top 10, Volume 1