Press Room: June 15

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By Bernd Sebastian Kamps
& Christian Hoffmann

15 June

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The Guardian

Beijing lockdown tightens as new coronavirus outbreak spreads | China capital enters ‘extraordinary period’ after another 36 new cases are linked to a second seafood market – By Lily Kuo

Only three out of 53 countries say US has handled coronavirus better than China | Survey reveals deep global dissatisfaction with US leadership under Donald Trump – By Patrick Wintour

Corona in Corona: how the deadly virus shook a neglected neighborhood | The toll the coronavirus has taken on the Queens neighborhood in NYC tells a story of race, poverty and inequality in America – By Amanda Holpuch

‘The country is adrift’: echoes of Spanish flu as Brazil’s Covid-19 catastrophe deepens | A century after the 1918 pandemic, South America’s largest country has passed Britain to claim the world’s second-highest death toll – By Tom Phillips

France ‘turning page’ as schools, borders and workplaces reopen – Macron | President announces mandatory return to class and plans for economic recovery – By Kim Willsher

Balearic islands prepare to welcome 11,000 German tourists | ‘Safe corridors’ scheme aims to reactivate Spain’s travel sector following Covid-19 disruption – By Sam Jones


The New York Times

Coronavirus Breaches Chinese Capital, Rattling Officials | Disease experts said limited bursts of infections were likely to become part of the “new normal” for China. – By Chris Buckley

China’s Economy Faces Another Hurdle: Darkened Movie Theaters | New data shows Chinese consumers still aren’t spending like they once did, holding back one of the world’s most powerful growth engines. – By Keith Bradsher

What the Pandemic Reveals About the Male Ego | Why are the rates of coronavirus deaths far lower in many female-led countries? By Nicholas Kristof

Slowing the Coronavirus Is Speeding the Spread of Other Diseases | Many mass immunization efforts worldwide were halted this spring to prevent spread of the virus at crowded inoculation sites. The consequences have been alarming. – By Jan Hoffman and Ruth Maclean


The New Washington Post

Contact tracing is ‘best’ tool we have until there’s a vaccine, health experts say | It has quelled outbreaks of Ebola, allowed smallpox to be corralled before being vanquished by a vaccine, and helped turn HIV into a survivable illness. And whenever a new infectious disease emerges, contact tracing is public health’s most powerful weapon for tracking transmission and figuring out how best to protect the population. By Frances Stead Sellers and Ben Guarino

‘There’s no end in sight to this’ (Podcast with transcripts) | Starting April 2020, All Told is sharing a special, ongoing series of firsthand stories from Americans living through the coronavirus pandemic.



Die Zeit
Der Spiegel

“Im Laufe eines Sommers wird das nicht klappen” | Viele hoffen darauf, dass die Lockerungen der Corona-Maßnahmen zu mehr Immunität gegen das Virus führen. Die Virologin Melanie Brinkmann dämpft die Hoffnungen.  Ein Interview von Janne Kieselbach

Jede Treppe ein Marathon | Für Patienten, die eine schwere Corona-Infektion überstanden haben, gibt es keine Standardtherapie. In einer Rehaklinik an der Ostsee beginnt für viele “Überlebende” der Weg zurück in ein normales Leben. – Von Lisa Duhm



Denn sie fürchten den Tod nicht | Wo Ärzte gejagt und Krankenstationen attackiert werden, man große Hochzeiten feiert und der Präsident im Fernsehen geschönte Zahlen präsentiert: über den kollektiven Corona-Verdrängungswettbewerb Mexikos.



El País

“Hay más virus circulando ahora que antes del estado de alarma” | La viróloga Margarita del Val asegura que “está en nuestra mano que los brotes no se conviertan en segunda oleada” – De Elena G. Sevillano

El coronavirus en África | Los contagios se aceleran, sobre todo en Sudáfrica – Resumimos en este hilo, desde el inicio de la crisis, las últimas noticias sobre el impacto sanitario y socioeconómico de la pandemia




Le Monde

Coronavirus : en Europe, la plupart des frontières rouvrent ce lundi | Après trois mois d’isolement à l’intérieur de leurs frontières nationales, les Européens retrouvent lundi la possibilité de voyager plus facilement d’un pays à l’autre, en raison du recul de la pandémie de Covid-19.




O combate à covid ainda pode correr mal | Para correr mal nem é preciso a tão temida “segunda vaga”, basta que os números da região de Lisboa se mantenham mais umas semanas como estão. –  De David Pontes


Diário de Notícias

De voluntária nos testes ao estudo dos mistérios moleculares da covid. “Estou feliz por ter ajudado numa fase crítica” | Sílvia Costa, investigadora do Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, esteve mais de dois meses como voluntária a trabalhar nos testes de diagnóstico de covid-19 no Hospital Egas Moniz. Agora regressou à base e vai começar a estudar os segredos moleculares do SARS-CoV-2 – De Filomena Naves



Beaches without tourists. Europe, 13 June.